How to Earn $15,000 a Year With Out Risk at All?

How to Be Successful at Making Sure Bets

Anyone who loves a gamble, no matter how high or low the stakes is looking for sure bets, because it is great to be a winner! One way of describing the term sure bets, or if used in professional circles an arbitrage is when different odds are touted by bookies on a specific event, so that every eventuality is covered and a profit guaranteed. It is the odds that determine the amount the winners collect.

An example of sure bets is seen in a football or boxing match where there are three possible outcomes.

• Win for team or boxer A
• Win for team or boxer B
• The teams or boxers draw the match

Probably the thought going through your mind is whether bookies accept sure bets of this nature. Some do, while others do not. What most bookies consider is that you are placing a bet at the odds they are offering. If you don’t place these sure bets than other punters will, individually, producing the same result. It is known as arbitrage opportunism.

How to start your Arbitrage venture

If you have decided that this is the gambling method for you, then before starting out on your new sure bets venture you need the following qualifications:

• Be over the age of 18 years
• Possess a PC with a minimum 2GHz
• A fast as possible Internet connection
• Availability of at least £5,000

It is not however, necessary to have any knowledge of betting; computing or sports of any kind, but you must have a permanent address that is required for the setting up of bank and bookmaker accounts, for withdrawing funds. Add to this an active email address or one provided by a sports arbitrage alert service, as a contact for the bookies. Another and most important aspect is that you have the available time.

Make sure You are Ready to Go

Arbitrage and sure bets has one drawback, in that you are unable to predict when they are going to be offered to you. Therefore, longer is the time you have free the more sure bets will come your way. In certain cases a sports arbitrage alert service will notify you of a new sure bet or arb by sending you an alert signal. It usually takes less than 2 minutes to place an arb once you have received it. One criterion if you are finding the arbs yourself is to make certain that the sure bets and rules match up!

Before you start your sure bets or arbitrage action you need to get ready

• Ensure you know what you are doing
• Decide on which bookmaker accounts you will use and open them
• Determine the fastest and cheapest method of funding these accounts
• Have an efficient admin system operating

When you are at the start it is difficult deciding which bookmakers to have your accounts with. Check which ones offer the best bonuses and keep in mind that the more bookie accounts you have, better are the odds of finding the sure bets or the arbs!

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